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L'Alchimiste Lessive écologique


French brand of ecological detergents and zero waste washing accessories

A can of  classic detergent, it is  on average 30 to 50 ingredients and up to 80% water, all packaged in a plastic container.

The alchemist's approach  :  REDUCE.

L'alchimiste detergents are available in liquid and powder format and are composed of only 3 ingredients, 100% of natural origin: Marseille soap, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate.

To avoid a carbon footprint  useless,  liquid detergent is offered without liquid!  It's up to you to play the alchemist and add a little  hot water from the tap to your  bottle to "make" it.

The absence of water in the formula also makes it possible to offer  a preservative-free formula, since bacteriological development has  need  humidity, and  therefore water, to operate.  

Detergents  are packaged in plastic containers  reusable glasses. Once finished,  from  refills in  paper, 100% biodegradable and compostable, are offered.

Our selection The Alchemist

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